Stainless Steel Wire Cloth


SST ALLOY is a wide range of materials in a wire form woven in exact patterns over and under wires running at 90 degree angles to each other A wide variety of fine mesh weaves are available.


  • Mesh: 12” opening to 1 micron (0.0000394”)
  • Wire Diameter: 1” to 0.001”


Almost any metals or alloy with a temperate range of 1100°F to 2500°F

SSTALLOY 100 to 600 Complete material certification are available upon

SSTALLOY can be supplied in all meshes, square or rectangular open sizes and material to fit all makes and types of vibrating screens.

Popular hooked edges: Metal reinforced .063” to .250” wire, Welded mild steel angle .250 and up, Welded rod, hook bolt tension. Rigid accuracy of opening, crimping methods fewer wire breaks, greater resistance to abrasion, corrosion and fatigue are a few advantages


  • Boiler bottom ash slag screens
  • Stop valve screens
  • Boiler directional screens
  • Vibrator screens
  • Baskets, trays and liners
  • Safety guards for machinery
  • Safety guards for conveyors
  • Filters, strainers
  • Custom Weaving / Fabrications

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