Perforated Plate

Ni – Braze & Stallion Perforated Plate

Sheet or Plate resheared after perforating with margins as specified.

Perforated Plate Chart


  • Non-clogging and nonbinding flat plate construction
  • NI-BRAZE WEAR SCREENS are heat-treated
  • Ease of maintenance is obtained by easily welded NI-BRAZE WEAR SCREENS
  • NI-BRAZE WEAR SCREENS will work harder under conditions of impact and abrasion
  • The high tensile strength exhibited by the alloy plate used in the fabrication of NI-BRAZE WEAR SCREEN is 200,000 P.S.I.
  • Ready to install as delivered

Suggested Uses

  • Coal Screens
  • Coke Screens
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Shaker Screens
  • Foundry Shakeout
  • Grading Screens
  • Quarry Screens
  • Sintering Plant Screens
  • Vibrating Screens

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